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The Best Steak Frites in Boston, MA

Steak Frites Rochambeau

Are you a steak lover living in or visiting Boston? Look no further than Rochambeau, a chic French brasserie located in the Back Bay neighborhood. Rochambeau offers a delightful Steak Frites dining experience, complete with impeccable service and a cozy ambiance. Every Monday through Sunday from noon to 10 pm, you can enjoy an extraordinary steak frites meal highlighting unlimited fries for just $36! See below what's included in your Steak Frites meal at Rochambeau in Boston.

The Perfect Pairing of Steak & Fries

The Steak Room, featuring a pre-fixe steak frites menu, offers a delicious tasting menu for just $36. In addition to the items listed below that are included in the pre-fixe menu, you can add delicious hors d'oeuvres like French onion soup, steak tartare, or shrimp cocktail! We also recommend a refreshing glass of wine or craft cocktail to wash down your steak frites.

Baguette with Maldon Sea-Salt Butter

Start your meal with a warm baguette served alongside a generous portion of Maldon sea salt butter. The baguette's crispy exterior and soft interior make it the perfect vessel for spreading Rochambeau's rich butter.

Crispy Green Leaf Salad with Sherry Vinaigrette

Cleanse your palate before diving into the main course with our crispy green leaf salad. The delicate greens are tossed in a tangy sherry vinaigrette, providing a delightful contrast to the forthcoming richness of the steak.

Angus Skirt Steak with Maitre'd Butter Sauce

Cooked to perfection, the Angus skirt steak is the star of our show at Rochambeau. This juicy cut of beef is seared to a beautiful caramelized crust on the outside while remaining tender and flavorful inside. The secret of this Angus skirt steak lies in the maitre butter sauce, which adds a luxurious touch to each bite.

Endless Frites with Rosemary Salt

Lastly, what's a steak without its faithful companion? Endless frites at Rochambeau are a real show-stopper with their crispy golden goodness. Thin, crispy, and seasoned with fragrant rosemary salt, these golden fries are addictive. Consider dipping these fries in the remaining maitre'd butter or enjoying them on their own; the choice is yours.

Visit Rochambeau for Endless Fries in Boston

Rochambeau serves Steak Frites every day from noon to 10 pm. Whether you're looking for a leisurely corporate lunch or an intimate, cozy dinner, you're in for a treat at Rochambeau. Next time you are in town, make sure you make a reservation at Rochambeau in Back Bay and savor the flavor of the best Steak Frites in Boston.