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French Cuisine Through the Ages

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French Cuisines and cooking are among the most cherished globally. French meals are more than just satisfying and are attributed cultural significance due to their popularity throughout the ages. Decades back, Centuries back, cuisines were highly rated, and fortunately, they still have a strong level of relevance in today's world. Here is a brief peek into the origin and development of the indigenous French cuisines.

Early History of French Meals 

They were one of the earliest and most developed catering systems. The French cuisine started with a combination of indigenous ingredients and culinary equipment. The primary inspiration behind French cuisine can be traced back to medieval times when the French elite would host banquets composed of multi-coursed meals like wild boar, meat, fruits, and grains. These meals were served in a French-style style known as service en confusion.

The ingredients that formed the bedrock of French cuisines varied according to seasons and the Church calendar at the time. Ingredients such as dragees, hypocras, bacon, cucumbers, pennyroyal, galingale, vinegar, and eels were at the forefront of early French cuisine.

Influence on Italian Culture

Italian cuisine also had a part to play in the development of French cuisine. When Catherine de Medici came to France in the 1540s, marking the innovation of food as theater in France. Under her reign, the dinners hosted by the royals were significantly impacted by Italian influence.

The Italian influence marked the beginning of old but elite dining setups such as fine tableware and glassware with varieties in color. New ingredients and recipes were also introduced from the Mediterranean, such as tomatoes and green beans, arriving in France for the first time.

French cuisines were also served in courses, progressively and in succession. King Louis XIV introduced this concept. And instead of granting the meals in confusion as before, a course was adopted.

Italian Prominent Chefs’ Influence in Spreading Italian Food Dominance

The progression of French cuisines was also greatly influenced by some very prominent chefs. Men like Careme, one of the most famous French chefs in history who served a great deal in Russia. Careme was mainly known for his feats of architecture with food.

Montagné and Escoffier also contributed immensely to the reputation of French cuisines, who were responsible for the modern way of preparing food in a French restaurant. Montagne also published the "Larousse Gastronomique," which is still one of the most significant journals in French cuisine. Consequently, there has been a long chain of innovations and influences that make up the entire French cuisine today.

French Cusine at Rochambeau 

French Cuisines are very enjoyable, and there has been significant development in their ingredients. But, finding how these current tastes and spicing of traditional French meals were developed requires a walk back into history. Experience the joys of French cuisine for yourself at Rochambeau in Boston! Explore our menu today and contact us for more information! We look forward to hosting you.